Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Chat Wednesday - Sew For Others?

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Who do you sew for and why?

For most of my sewing career I only sewed for myself.  It was pretty simple, really:  I was the only person around when I needed to fit costumes and my skill (and patience) wasn't great enough to be able to fit over distances (or wait for mock-ups).  Later on I still concentrated on myself, but I added in a person now and then who was needed for a specific masquerade entry or whatnot and couldn't complete their outfit themselves.  I also did the wedding dress for my new sister-in-law, which was not only a fitting-over-a-distance issue but also all the emotional issues of a wedding dress and the stress of being delayed in the final fitting for a few days due to an ice storm.  In the last few years I've started doing a lot of sewing for my niece and nephews.  Fitting growing children over a distance has proved to be very challenging, however I can at least rely on my mother and sister-in-law to properly measure them so I know that I'm starting out fine, and children's patterns are so cute I haven't wanted to deviate from them much.  My niece, Thing 1, is coming to Costume Con this year so right now I'm in the middle of a bunch of sewing for her which is incorporating some franken-patterning and improvisation in children's clothes for the first time. I'm also getting ready to start a wedding dress for sister-in-law #2 as well as the flower-girl dresses, so my summer should be full of sewing for other people as well!

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  1. Mostly for myself. My few forays into sewing SCA garb for boyfriends ended in failure, as despite measurements, the scale was always off. I recently tried sewing for someone new - a guy a I traded a coif for an hour massage. He is willing to do more trades, and I'd like more massages.