Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creative Chat Info Post

Creative Chat

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~What is Creative Chat?
Creative Chat is a weekly writing prompt. You copy the text and paste it to your blog, then write your answer! Your answer can be as long or as short as you wish.

~Why did you create Creative Chat?
As a costumer I have a lot of projects, but often I don't have weekly updates or progress posts. I work a lot in spurts, and I often keep projects secret until they're completed. It makes it kinda hard to maintain a weekly blog because I don't always know what to write when I don't have any progress to show or events to report on. Creative Chat is an attempt for Costumers and other Sewing Creative types to make weekly posts on their creative endeavors by providing a weekly topic they can write on that's about sewing but not about a current project.

~Why should I link my answer?
Half the fun of a meme like this is being able to read other people's answers! If you submit your link then other people can check out what you wrote.

~Why did my link get erased?
Likely because it didn't work, either the link was incorrect or it led to a journal that's locked to a specific group of people. If you put an answer in the linkee it must be accessible to everyone with no logins or capcha required to view.

~I see you're a costumer, is this only for costumers?
Nope! I'm going to try and make it as friendly as possible to anyone who sews as a craft or hobby.

~The linkee doesn't work on my blog! Why?
The linkee is javascript. It won't work on sites that don't like java (like LiveJournal). You can still enter these in the linkee by clicking the html link to the main prompt entry.

~I have an idea for a writing prompt! How do I submit it?
You can email me at dramaticthreads(at)gmail(dot)com.

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