Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Progress Update: Mar 19

I had the flu last week so I didn't get a lot done.  Here's what I did do, though:

I finished the binding on my stripey underbust.  Now all it needs is grommets.

I sewed a lot on the green dress I cut out for Thing 1 for Costume Con.  It needs the armholes finished, a zipper put in, trim, and a hem now.

Also got a lot of work done on Thing 1's Easter dress.  I'm trying to convince myself right now that I don't really need to edge-stitch all those pleats in the skirt.  Dang it.  Also needs the bias sewn on the neck and bias put on the arm holes.  Plus I need to get to Thing 2's suit :(

Got a bit of work done on the skirts for next week's One Week One Pattern challenge.  Really have to get on that.  I almost finished this skirt, and I serged a lot of other skirt pieces so they're ready to sew.

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