Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Progress Update: May 6

Uh oh!  It's moving day and I still have costumes to complete . . . wonder if I can work while they're packing.

I feel like I haven't accomplished much since last week, it's been slow going.

I didn't have enough crochet thread left over for the side panel mirrors, so I dyed more:

Then I started sewing with it, and, of course, I grabbed a ball of yarn and not crochet thread.  Yarn shreds on the sharp mirror edges, so I had to go correct my error.  Didn't get a picture of it, but I got it all figured out, and I ended up with three great shades that are a pretty close match to the brocade.

Next I worked on the top.  I cut the pattern, then tried it on to make the V.  The inset is a celery-green lace which will match the tiny bottom layer of the hangy bits.  I got the applique on it, and the mirror is glued down waiting for couching.  I cut the sleeves with a bit of a bell to them, and traced them on paper and diagrammed out the appliques.  The appliques got cut out and ironed to themselves last night (there are a few layers to this one), and I'll iron them on the sleeves as soon as I figure out the shape.  I tried on the shirt and it really needed a dart, so I made a bust dart . . . and I've got to see how that affects the sleeve set before I do something permanent like applique.

In the meantime I did get a little bit of Aang done, and I got pictures of Thing 2 in his outfits (he's adorable, I can't wait to see them in person!).  Mostly, though, I cleaned and organized my room for tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to my new house, the sewing room will be so organized I'll work really quick!