Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Progress Update: Mar 26

Got some more finishing work done this week, and got a good dent in another costume for Costume Con:

This is Thing 1's Lolita Flower Dress for the Future Fashion Folio show at Costume Con.  The bodice is finished, and the skirt is pinned together.  I finally got four good purples I liked in a gradient, but I really wish there were five.  I hate how the bottom of the skirt is two rows of white petals.  I'm debating between making a row of green leaves for the first row and moving all the rows down, trying to dye the extra petals from the third row something in between the third and fourth, or replacing the bottom row of petals with a lace trim.  I'm also trying to decide if I want to hem the petals.  I'm afraid a hem will take away the floatiness of the habotai, but I also don't want them to ravel too much.  I guess, for a one-wear dress it's really not going to be that bad.  They absolutely need ironing before I sew them down though!

Thing 1's finished Easter dress.  Now I only have Thing 2's suit to go, and one week to finish it!

My finished 1912 corset.  I really need to train it a little so it laces nicer on top, and I hate how it gaps in the front so I may put in an underbusk that will extend down further on the bottom to close the gapping.

And my finished stripey underbust.  I really like the black busk, it looks really nice with the black bone casings.

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