Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cool Toolz: Clover Mini Iron

My newest cool tool is my Clover Mini Iron:

I am really starting to love having this thing around.  Just like a big iron it has a temperature control:

It's teeny, but I've found it has most of the range of my big iron.  I love this little iron because of all the nooks it can get into.  It's especially useful for pressing those really curvy seams on the hip of a corset:

Unlike a big iron it presses the seams flat without pressing creases into the corset around it, which is nice because those wrinkles can be a real pain to get out.  It's also really useful for ironing things like the gathered trim on my new 1912 corset:

Over time gathered trims like this can get creased and look flat.  With the mini iron I can iron out all the creases without putting more in because of the gathers.

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