Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creative Chat Wednesday - Favorite Task

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What is your favorite sewing task?

I love handsewing.  I think I put a bit too much of it in my work because I love it so much.  I did learn a lot in college, though, and I do less handwork than I used to now that I can get good results by machine.  Zippers for instance, I used to set by hand but now I'll use a machine because it's just so much faster unless it's a super-special project that needs a hand-set zipper.  I still do a lot of binding and inside finishing by hand, though.  Sometimes there's too much, I have one project right now that's a corset with 33 pieces, each piped, that I need to hand-finish all the inside seams on!  That's a ton of hand-sewing, even for me!

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  1. Hand-hemming. A blind-stitch hand-rolled hem is one of my favorite things to settle down with. I know. SO WEIRD. But I love it. It's so meditative and rewarding!