Sunday, October 13, 2013


Since I'm doing a male cosplay soon I decided to invest in some real bust binders.  My previous male cosplay, Napoleon, involved a binder I made myself out of 6" elastic, hook and eye tape, and plastic imitation whalebone.  It ends up riding up and the bones dig into my underarm, so this time I went for some more comfortable options.  I purchased these from

First off, in my regular bra:

And a sports bra, which I've seen recommended:

Here's the Super Strength Velcro Short Binder:

 The High Performance Velcro Short Binder:

And the Strapless Velcro Binder:

 They're all very comfortable, and have a great result.  I'm looking to get a compression shirt to wear over the last one, just to reduce the issue of side-boob under the arm, but in all I'm pretty happy with all of them, and I'll be putting the others into my kimono kit so I can wear kimono more comfortably!

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