Monday, July 16, 2012

WorldCon Preview

Mostly for my own reference, but here's what I've got in the plans for WorldCon:

Thursday: Green Tea Dress

To Do:
Sew Coat
Sew Skirt
Sew Shirt
Finish Coat
Finish Skirt
Finish Shirt

Thursday Night: Silver 20's Dress

To Do:

Friday: Stripey Steampunk

 To Do:
Bind Corset
Grommet Corset
Lace Corset
Mock Sleeves
Cut Sleeves
Sew Sleeves
Attach Sleeves
Ruffle Sleeves
Finish Top

Friday Night: Stripey Pirate

 To Do:
Make Hat
Make Cravat
Make Skirt

Saturday: Regency

To Do:
Make Short Corset

Masquerade: Lake Dress

To Do:
Make Bodice
Mock Sleeves
Make Sleeves
Attach Sleeves
Trim Bodice
Trim Skirt
Trim Sleeves
Make Ruff
Make Crown
Skirt Closures
Style Wig

Sunday: Sandry

To Do:
Finish Bodice Piping
Finish Tab Binding
Make Modesty Panel
Make Spats
Style Wig

Sunday Night: Fancy 50's Dress

To Do:
Sew Peplum
Attach Lining
Bind Neckline
Cut Sleeves
Sew Sleeves
Attach Peplum
Attach Sleeves
Hem Peplum
Cut Skirt
Sew Skirt
Attach Skirt
Hook and Eye
Hem Skirt

Later Sunday Night: 20's dress

 To Do:
Raise Waistline

Monday: Circus Ringmaster or Merida

To Do:

 To Do:
Color Snap Tape
Fix Arms
Attach Dress Shields
Make Belt
Make Quiver
Buy Bow
Paint Bow
Decorate Quiver
Style Wig

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