Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Progress Update: July 2

I got a few more of those blasted piping seam allowances sewn:

Only four more of them to go, then I can finish the waist!  The only thing I have left on this costume is to either buy boots or make spats to look like boots.

I did a bit of work on the Lake Dress, cutting the lining and interlining, but I didn't take pictures because it's a quite boring stage of work.

So boring, in fact, that I quit partway through to make a new dress.  I got this lovely stripey silk taffeta from that's been dying to be a Robe a l'Anglaise.  Unfortunately I had to work around this huge pen mark on the fabric:

At least I caught it before I cut anything so I could work around it, and I ordered an extra 2 yards in hope of making an Anglaise and a jacket out of the same fabric, so I had some stuff to play with (although I don't know if I can do the jacket now :(  ).  I used the JP Ryan pattern and mocked it up in cotton, but for the actual dress I cut the interlining in linen and flatlined it to the silk before sewing the dress.

I'm really proud of my pattern matching with the stripes!  Looking at it now I think I sewed the skirt on wrong (it shouldn't meet in the center) so I need to go back and re-set it.  I also have to finish all the inside seams and then turn and sew the edges and it needs sleeve ruffles cut and attached, but I haven't decided if those should be linen or silk yet.  Of course the skirt looks a bit wonky over my Lake Dress instead of pocket hoops, but I really didn't want to change the dummy for the pictures  : P

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