Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Progress Update: July 30

I spent most of last week on vacation in Montreal (yay!) so I didn't get much done.  Here's what I did get done:

 I've done some dye painting on my Lake Dress fan.  It needs much more work.

Flower Girl dresses have skirts now.  The chiffon ones are sitting on my sewing table being hemmed.

I experimented with making blue glitter lipstick with blue and glitter eyeliner.  Not comfortable but it works.  Later this week I need to do a whole makeup trial for the Lake Dress as well as work out a good 20's look.

While in Montreal I got to visit the "Star Wars: Identities" exhibit.  It was not so good for costumes, and horrible for girls who love sci-fi (we can't use Padme/Leia as any example of choice and identity instead of Anakin/Luke?), but I did get a few pictures of the costumes.  They're up on my Flickr:

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