Monday, February 3, 2014

World Cosplay Summit Part 4: Runners Up

When researching what resonates it's almost as important to look at the second place winners as it is the first.  Sometimes you can see some really great ideas, and sometimes you can figure out what just didn't work as well as the first-place team.  Here's the runners up for Team USA:

Wild Garden Cosplay 2013 Second Place

It's interesting to note that (as far as I can tell) this was the first year that second place (Wild Card entries) was allowed to compete at the finals. Wild Garden was first place at their qualifier at Nan Desu Kan, andthey significantly improved their staging to come out second overall at the finals. Here's their Nan Desu Kan skit for comparison:

Bejitaballz, 2013 Third Place

Cupcake Cosplay, 2012 Second Place

Bejitaballz, 2012 Third Place

Cupcake Cosplay, 2011 Second Place

2D Cosplay, 2011 Third Place

First, here's Team USA winning USA skit, totally different source material from their Japan skit

2010 Second Place

2010 Third Place

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