Monday, February 10, 2014

Cosplaying Luggage

What's your favorite travel luggage?  Being a costumer luggage has always plagued me.  I make big, complicated costumes that require a lot of components so I always have a ton of big, heavy luggage.  I got by for years on cheap WalMart luggage, but it always kept breaking.  Recently I invested in this luggage for a trip and, unfortunately, one of the suitcases broke the first week out.  I had pretty good luck with the rest of it, though, so I'm going to try getting it warranty replaced before giving up entirely.  There's a new option out there, though.  A Japanese company is developing luggage with cosplayers in mind.

CosCase has a few interesting features.  It includes elastics that hold oddly shaped pieces on to the side and the back.  It's designed to be thin enough to go on a train (I'm assuming Japanese train here, no clue on how big that is).  It also comes with a tray that turns it into a table and includes a makeup mirror:

All sound like great features, but I am still dismayed that it is so tiny!  It may be ideal for a carry-around, but for travel I need something much bigger.  I may still get one when it comes out.  Are you more interested?  Here's a link to the kickstarter-like campaign to get it into manufacture, and here's an article about it in English.

So what does my ideal luggage look like?  I'm loving the hard-sided luggage I have now, I've had pins and sharp things poke through the fabric of other luggage.  I love compartments.  Not necessarily pockets on the outside, because when you open your suitcase flat in a hotel room they become difficult to access, but inside pockets make organizing things to live out of a suitcase so much easier (I hate having to unpack into hotel drawers and then repack, why can't I just keep things in my suitcase?).  I'm not so sure about the makeup mirror and tray, but I love the idea of outside straps to hold things on the move.  Sturdy enough to withstand the baggage handlers at airports and train stations is a must, and easily wheeled is important, too, when you have two big suitcases plus a laptop bag and carry-on.  Light is important, because I want to be able to pack more into it.  What's your ideal luggage situation?

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