Sunday, February 2, 2014

World Cosplay Summit Part 3: Past US Representative Teams

What wins USA seems to be very different from what wins WCS. We saw yesterday that WCS seems to like fight scenes, big robots, and lights. Team USA seems to like coordination, polish, and showmanship without a lot of talking in the skit. I wonder if this will hold true in years to come, since 2013 was the first year Team USA placed (they took 2nd at WCS).

2013 Team USA: Cupcake Cosplay

2012 Team USA: Coconut Bubble Sex Cosplay

2011 Team USA: Fox Gloves Cosplay

2010 Team USA: Rynn and Sumikins

2009 Team USA: India Davis and Elizabeth Licata

2008 Team USA: Sonnya Paz and Renee Gloger

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