Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday Progress Update: June 17

Mostly, I've been working on blog posts this week.  Wanna get ahead for the corset-a-long!  I have accomplished a bit, though:

I cut a set of 18th ct. stays from the JP Ryan pattern.  I need to get these done so I can fit my dresses for Costume College!  I  cut them from white cotton twill and a tan  linen lining, and so far I've quilted the boning channels and added the steel bones.  They're going to be fully boned, but only half with steel and half with plastic so they're lighter and a bit more comfy than full steel.

I also found my boning!  This was the big accomplishment of the week.  A lot of people seemed interested in my boning storage at Dress U, so here it is!  It's a large pvc pipe that I cut down into individual pipes and glued together.  It's very heavy, but I like how all the bones are readily accessible.  Since I use boning a lot (pretty much in every costume) I don't mind the loss of counter space for it.

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