Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Progress Update: June 10

It's been way too long, and a lot has happened.  First, Costume Con pics:

Thing 2 was a pretty good model, even if he did sometimes refuse to pose for photographs!  My Lantern Dress turned out way more awesome than I hoped.  I'm hoping that I can get the stick part of the headdress shipped back to me so I can wear it again sometime!

After Costume Con things stayed busy.  I went to ConQuesT in Kansas City and then to Dress U in Philadelphia in the following two weeks.  Three back-to-back cons kinda wiped me out, but I'm working hard on recovering.  I also had a big thing happen: I moved from New York to Pennsylvania.  I've got a huge new sewing room to unpack and organize:

I'm working on it slowly but surely.  I even took my sewing machine in for its annual 'spa vacation' so I wouldn't be tempted to sew, but whaddya know the place turned it around in UNDER A DAY!  I'll be back working on Corset-a-Long tutorials in no time!

And here are just a few awesome Dress U pics:

Up soon?  Making plans for Costume College and WorldCon.  Having nothing new to wear at Dress U was kinda a downer, I want to have pretty stuff for California!


  1. Wow! The lantern dress is amazing! Good luck organizing that sewing room.

  2. Awesome pictures. Looking forward to seeing what you plan for California.