Monday, June 10, 2013

Corset-a-Long FAQ

 I realized an FAQ might be beneficial, so here goes:

What kind of corset will we be making?

We'll be using a single-layer unlined construction with tape boning channels.  I'll show you how to flatline pieces together so that you can have a fashion fabric outside and/or lining if you wish.

What pattern will you be using?

You're going to have a choice.  I'm going to teach a way of doing corsets that can be applied to many corset patterns out there.  There will be a post on all the different kinds of appropriate patterns on Wed, June 12.  Still need guidance?  Go with the Laughing Moon pattern.  I've made it up multiple times and it's great.  Some good alternatives: Simplicity 9769 or Truly Victorian 110.

I've made corsets before, but I want to play along . . .

Go ahead!  Join in to learn some new tricks, keep motivated and on a schedule, or just for the lolz!

Can I make an 18th century / Elizabethan / Regency corset in this corset-a-long?

Yes, but you'll be a lot more on your own.  The tutorials are aimed towards a single-layer corset with tape boning channels that reduces the waist.  I don't mind people using the motivation to make another kind of corset, but I'm not going to cloud the minds of new corset makers with techniques for a radically different kind of corset on top of all the information they're already getting.  Perhaps, if there's interest, we can do more corset-a-longs with different types of corsets later on.

Can I make a modern corset in this corset-a-long?

Yes.  Many of the techniques and patterns will transfer into a modern look over or underbust. We'll talk about how to add a fashion cover to your corset so it will be colorful and fashionable.

I want to do this cheap . . .

That's ok!  In the materials posts we'll talk the budget versions as well as the more expensive alternatives.

Where do I get materials?

There will be links in each post when we talk about the different materials you'll need.  If you're really new and would like a shortcut sells a kit for the Laughing Moon pattern that is totally appropriate.  Farthingales sells one as well, and also sells kits for Simplicity 9769 in two colors and tons of different coutil types (scroll down).  Both are great companies.

I can't sew, can I play along?

It's not recommended.  I'm going to make corsets as simple as I can, but they still require the ability to sew a straight and curved seam.  It's probably not the best idea for a very first project, but if you're determined go for it!


  1. Thank you for hosting this Corset-a-Long!
    I had planned to sew a 1860s corset in July using the Simplicity 2890 pattern and this is going to be a lot of help, since this would be only muy third corset.

    1. That pattern would be perfect for this project :D I'm glad you're finding it helpful, I hope there's a lot of useful information and tips involved!

  2. I JUST traced a new pattern for myself this past weekend. I am *SO* in!