Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Progress Update: June 10

Got a little more work done on my stays this week, but mostly I've been writing corset-a-long entries and reading Game of Thrones :P

 I've deviated a lot from the JP Ryan instructions on how to put this corset together in an attempt to make the corset a little more historically accurate.  After boning each piece I folded under the side seams and whipped them down to the lining.

Then I used heavy upholstery thread to whip the pieces together.  You can see on the top left how I started binding.  I'm binding using silk thread and chamois leather.  I love chamois for binding because it's buttery smooth, strong, and eases around curves beautifully.  It's also pretty readily available (you can find it in car departments/stores, they're used for washing cars) and fairly cheap!

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