Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Progress Update: Apr 30

I got a new battery for my video camera, but I think that finishing April A-Z is just gonna have to wait until after Costume Con.  I have so much to do, costuming and documentation and programming stuff and my job interview tomorrow!  Squee but stress!

Here's what took the stress off this week:

Cinderella's ballgown is done!  I've tried it on, and it fits wonderfully.  Only need to move two eyes and it will be all set!

My Regency and Sam's Regency.   Thought this would be something really comfortable for her to run around in all day on Saturday, so the family is going to match :D  Hers is finished except for hem and mailed off to her, mine needs eyelets in the back and a hem, and I need to start mom's.

Merida!  I'm super-excited about this costume!  The sleeves need to be redone because they're too tight, but everything else is great (even the front, which fits me but doesn't fit my dress dummy).

This week I need to finish the new sleeves for Merida and mom's regency.  It seems like so little and yet so much!  Only 1 1/2 weeks to Costume Con everyone!

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