Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Progress Update: Apr 23

Thing 1's flower dress is done except for its belt.  I'm still deciding why to do with that.

 I think I'm leaning towards this belt, but I"m still not sure.

Here's her accessories: a headband and wristlets. ; If I have time I'm going to make two more kanzashi for shoe clips.

I also finished my SF/F entry.  I added the trim to the skirt:

And made this sceptre:

All I have left is to finish the circuit for the skirt, which I'm actively avoiding.

I also did some embellishing work on my historical dress:  I added lace and bows to the stomacher:

And added trim to the skirt:

And the petticoat:

So much handsewing I rubbed my thumb raw!  I also covered my shoes:

But they still need decoration.

Since those are mostly done until my wig shipment comes in I started to work full on my Cinderella dress.