Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Progress Update: Apr 2

I took all these pics yesterday and then forgot to post them!  Silly me!

This is Thing 2's sailor outfit.  All it needs is buttons and a hem on the shirt.

Thing 1's F/SF dress for CC30 got cut out.  I love how the lace just barely shows through the chiffon.  Making this dress up is hopefully going to be all done this week.

I also drafted up the massive sleeves for the dress.  Seriously, they're as big as my head!

I finished the sleeves on the green fairy dress, too.  Trying to figure out the trim situation.  Just on top, like this?

Or down the bodice seams, like this?  Or both, like this one?

Finally, I over-dyed the petals for the flower lolita dress:

They were almost saturated so they're barely darker than the second ones, but it's just enough that it'll be noticeable in all but pictures I think.  We'll see, in this shot they look awful similar.  I may overdye them again and try to get a bit darker.


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    1. That's what I'm thinking . . . I probably just want to go overboard because it's such a perfect color match I got two yards. Ah, well, into the stash it goes!