Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Patterns for Spring


6911 is a Steampunk pattern.  It looks like it has some great costume separates, including a bolero (which is hard to get nowadays), a bustier, a short bustle skirt, and a long back-swept skirt.  I'm not sure what kind of crack someone was smoking when they made this up in these colors/patterns, but I think the base pattern looks pretty good.

6897 is a bog standard princess costume.  I do like that it has the option of a collar like that on little girls, though.


5985 is a dress pattern, but I can imagine it being steampunked pretty easily.  It's a more unique shape among patterns right now.

5987 is a grecian dress pattern.  Is one-shoulder back and no one told me?


8973 is the first Vintage Vogue pattern this season.  I find it pretty boring, even with all those tucks.

8974 is a sundress with a jacket.  So-so.


I gave up on waiting for them to update their catalog.  Andrea Schewe pre-posted about her Not-Game-of-Thrones pattern, so we know about that at least.  I'll post here when they finally put up patterns online.

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