Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Progress Update: January 6th

Beatrice almost complete.  I haven't worked on her this week, still waiting on the bias to come in, but I got a picture of the almost-done:

I hope to get the bias in soon so I can finish this.

I also finished my pants.  This pic has only one leg hemmed, but since then both legs have gotten done.

This is where we last left the shirt.  Since I've put buttons and hand buttonholes up the front and added a collar stand.  Eventually I'll be getting a paper collar and collar studs which will need their own holes, but I'm not sure of the size and position yet.

This is where we left my Morning Coat yesterday.  Since then I've refined it, cutting the pattern and doing two mock ups.

So here's where Morning Dress is:

Pants and shirt with suspenders.  Pants are hemmed a little high, as was the style in the early 1920's.

Current coat mockup.  I think the front armscye is too large, and the back suffers from a horrid static cling, but otherwise I'm hopeful it's good.

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