Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Progress Update: January 13th

Arisia's so soon and I still have so much to do!

Here's what I've done this week:

I made most of my Morning Coat:

It needs its sleeves and lining, and the vents need to be done.  Not a lot of work, really!


This is what the innards of the front pieces look like.  Each front is lined in hair canvas, the shoulder is reinforced with another layer of hair canvas, the left front has a welt pocket, then the lapels are padstitched and the roll line is coverd in stay tape.  After this the whole canvas got covered in stay tape before the pieces were sewn together and the lapels were sewn on.

This is the collar.  Like the lapels it is padstiched like whoa, then steamed into this shape.  So pretty!

Next up: to finish the vest.  I had a gorgeous silk brocade picked out months ago for this project:

 Unfortunately I only bought a yard of 22" wide fabric, and the store I bought it from searched but they are all out!  So I got this instead:

Not as pretty as the original, but still very nice.  I'll be working hard on this tomorrow.

I also almost finished Holo this week:

I started with the shirt.  It is a highly modified button-down shirt pattern, changed to have a zip up the back and added cuffs to the sleeves and put on a neck facing instead of a collar.  The skirt is a 3/4 circle with an elastic waist band.  The fur was cut to shape so it curves nicely with the fabric.  The vest is based on the same pattern the shirt is only a size bigger with a front opening and neck and armhole facings.  The collar was freehanded based on the neckline.  The waist scarf is just a long length of silky fabric satin-stitched around the edges.  The hanging thingee is a hoop from a small embroidery hoop spraypainted silver and attached to three strips of quilting cotton that are braided.  It doesn't have the same look in the picture as it does in person, I may fix that later on.  The necklace is just a circle tucked around some cloth scraps and tied with a length of leather cord, and the neck tab is cotton duck cut to shape and satin stitched.  It looks pretty crappy, though, so I'll probably replace it.

Here are the leg warmer things she wears over her booties.  They're felt cut to my calf shape then boned with plastic boning.  The grey fleece is pinned over the felt and turned over at the top and bottom and a separating grey zipper is installed on the inside calf.  The fur trim is pinned on right now, I hope to hand-stitch it on tomorrow.

 Also started Wonder Woman.  Got her corset cut out and pinned.  Not a lot, but it's a start!

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