Monday, January 28, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly: Challenge 2

The Challenge: #2: UFO

Fabric: 8 yards Golden Tan Silk Taffeta Faille and 8 yards Rust Silk Taffeta

Pattern: TV 108, TV201, TV305, and TV400

Year: 1872

Notions: 15 yards 3/8" velvet ribbon, 15 yds pleated trim, 5 yds 1" velvet ribbon, 5 yds 2" velvet ribbon

How historically accurate is it?: I don't know about the trim, but the patterns and techniques are pretty accurate.

Hours to complete: Too Many. Probably around 120.

First worn: Arisia 2013

Total cost: $500

Next week is more underwear, I'm conflicted between doing more petticoats and trying to bang out a set of stays, my old ones are too small.

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