Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Progress Update: January 14th

Feel like I didn't get anything done this week compared to the last few weeks.  Probably because what I did get done was handwork and mockups, and more handwork and mockups.

Bustle Dress:

My 1870's Day Dress is getting completed finally.  I looked at the underskirt for a while and decided I wanted emphasis on the gathering, so I hand-tacked a 3/8" velvet ribbon onto every tuck seam.  Then I added a ruffle at the bottom and hand-sewed a pleated satin ribbon with a 3/8" velvet ribbon in the middle onto the ruffle seam.  I also added a ruffle to my overskirt, and more pleated trim:

Then I proceeded with the bodice.  I made a mockup and tested the fitting.  Refit the waist and shoulder, did another mockup.  10 mockups later my sleeves were still icky and I was frustrated.  Thankfully my husband came home from a business trip on mockup 11.  He started taking pictures of my mockups, which really helped me see that the problem was in my armscye and sleeve cap:

Mockup 11:

 Pattern adjustment to the center back:

Mockup 12:

Mockup 13:

Mockup 14:

 So, 14 mockups later I had a good pattern to do my final bodice out of.  I made it out of silk faille flatlined with polished cotton (did you know washing polished cotton turns it into muslin?  I did not :( ).  I also used the pleated trim very liberally on the finished bodice, so much that it totally covers up the painful piping I did on the bodice neckline:

Ah, well, it's pretty.  Now it needs bows.  BOWS EVERYWHERE!!!

I also got a little work done on my Vanellope costume:

I dyed the hoodie numerous times to get the right shade of teal.  I think it is still a little light but good enough for now.  I also added the pink "sewn" look to it:

Finally, I started the skirt.  After a talk with Bethany over how to do the pleating I am thinking I can get it just like the picture and not fake it with knife pleats or something.  Here's the cut out skirt fabric:

And here's the start of pleats:

Wish me luck, I've got to finish up both of these costumes and the remaining details on Maghda by Thursday!  Also next week's Monday Progress Update will probably happen on Tuesday due to Arisia this weekend.  You've been warned :P

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