Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday Progress Update: January 28th

When last I left you, I was furiously finishing up for Arisia.  Here's what I've got on that front:

 I painted all the candy I sculpted for the wig out of sculpey.  Then I styled my wig and glued it on.

So Vanellope turned out like this:

And OMG is it a comfy costume!  I'm gonna love wearing this to other cons.  I do need less ganked tights, though.

More work was done on Maghda:

I took off the sculpted bug face from my armor and cast it with clear cast.  I needed faces for my bugs.  They got painted gold.

I also needed to pattern all the pieces off my headpiece, so I once again masking-taped it up.

And then cut all the pieces out of iron-on fabric, rounding the corners and making them slightly smaller as I went.

 The pieces ironed on.  The gold-painted beads were hot-glued on at this point, one in the center of each square.

Bug making then happened.  I started the bottom with this torn-apart christmas ornament.  I covered it in Worbla and then twisted the end to make a stinger.

The body was made by forming Worbla over this candle.  I then added on the stinger end and a rolled edge to better hold the face on.

 Wings were made on a jig, which was made by pounding nails into a board in the shape of the wing.  Wire was then wrapped around the nails.

I wrapped the wire in cellophane and heat-shrinked it to the wing shape.

I then cut slits in the bugs and added the wings on, holding them in place with more wonderflex and worbla.

And I added legs.

Yay Bugs!  I then sewed a few of the inner legs to my neck corset and the outside legs to an elastic band that went around my arm to hold them on.

This is how it all turned out:

My favorite onstage pose.

And, even though my armor fell apart onstage, which made me do this:

 I still won a workmanship award: tie for best workmanship Master Class.  Ah, well, there's always next time to do the presentation without anything falling off :(

I also finished my bustle dress.  No in-progress pics, but some pretty ones Jennifer took in the hall:

My wig needs to be de-crooked, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.  I feel pretty!  It might need more bows, though :P  And more buttons if I can get my hands on more.  The hand-done buttonholes are pretty, and a lot easier and faster than I though they'd be.

I didn't get to wear my Ladies Night outfit, and I didn't get a pic of the Song 4 U dress, so those are still to come :D


  1. Great job! So sad about the Magda wardrobe malfunction. You'll git'er next time!

  2. Wow! You are very talented. Nice work!