Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stuff Day - Clover Quick Bias Fusible Bias Tape

I've been using this stuff all over Beatrice's dress, so I thought it would be the topic of today's Stuff Day.

This is Quick Bias tape.  It's 1/4" bias pre-folded with an iron-on backing.  When you want to use it you simply peel off the protective paper and iron it down.  Because it's bias it folds wonderfully around curves and corners.  It does really nice fine detail work like this:

I really like it because the bias is pre-folded to a standard width so it's really easy to use, you don't have to waste a lot of time measuring and cutting and ironing, just stick it on.  It comes in gold, silver, and black.  You can get it at larger JoAnn's in the quilting notions section, or you can get it on Amazon here:

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