Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 In Review

In 2013 I finished:

My 1872 Bustle Day Dress for Arisia:

Maghda from Diablo III for Arisia:

Vanellope for Arisia:

Lady of Lanterns for Costume Con:

 Samwise Gamgee for Thing 2 for Costume Con:

Lil' Pyro for Thing 2 for Costume Con:

Aang the Last Airbender for Costume Con:

My curtain dress for Costume College:

Otilia for WorldCon:

Ayumi Hamsaki's Ladies Night for WorldCon: 

Twilight Sparkle Princess Dress for Thing 1 for Halloween:

 A dinosaur for Sir Ally Saur for Halloween:

Daniel Deronda Seaside Gown for PhilCon:

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