Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Progress Update: December 23rd

I lost a lot of time this week because of an unplanned trip to the ER, but I still hope to have this costume finished in time to wear it to the costume ball I'm going to for New Years'.

Lets start with the skirt.  I hemmed all of those scallops, then ironed on two layers of gold trim.  I still need to put a waistband on and tack down the underlayer.  On the bodice I assembled the sleeves and attached them.  The bodice got all of its own gold trim ironed on, and I put a separating zipper into the center back.  The right hand side sleeve got an engageante hemmed and attached, the left one is hemmed but not yet sewn on.  I also hemmed the bodice ruffle and tacked it halfway on.

(Still have horrid hoop show-through, I need to make a petticoat)

I took the underskirt apart to install the swagging.  Here is one piece all cut, gathered, and pinned ready to be sewn down.  I may re-do the center bit because I don't like how it's not centered all the way up.

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