Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stuff Day - December Movies

Thursday is Stuff day.  Sometimes I'll review a movie.  Sometimes it'll be a book, or maybe a cool tool.  Sometimes I'll just tell you about something neat I've heard of but haven't had a chance to play with yet.  It's the stuff I'm excited about right now!

The Movies I'm Anticipating for December:

December is always Oscar bait month!  Lots of these will be limited releases, and I'll try and remind you when they go into national release.

The Hobbit

Another great Tolkien movie from Peter Jackson.  More elf costumes in this one, though.  Costume Design is by Bob Buck, Ann Maskrey (John Carter, Alice in Wonderland, and Star Wars Episode I, all as Chief Cutter), and Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop's effects supervisor).  Comes out on the thirteenth.

Saving Mr. Banks

Mary Poppins author meets Walt Disney during production of the movie.  Hopefully it will have great Mary Poppins costumes as well as tons of good period stuff.  Costume Design is by Daniel Orlandi, who co-designed the Da Vinci Code and The Blind Side.  Comes out on the twentieth.

47 Ronin

This remake of a classic Japanese tale looks to be going in quite a different direction.  Costume Design is by Penny Rose, who did Evita, all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Prince of Persia.  Comes out on the twenty-fifth.

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