Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Knowing When to Quit

I've decided that I won't have Ai done for PhilCon this weekend.  It's not because it's going badly.  In fact, it's going very well.  So well that I love how it looks and I want to take the time to finish the project carefully, not hurried.

It's important to know when to kill yourself and when a costume is a lost cause.  Giving up on a costume you've set your heart on is never easy.  Sometimes you can give it a huge last-minute all-night push and turn out something amazing.  Sometimes, though, you're too tired, or the con is too important, or the costume is too important to rush and you've got to push things back.  That can be heartbreaking, especially when other people are involved.  In that case the decision really must be a group one.  Sometimes there are things that can be done to fix the situation so the show can go on.

Military Dawn.  My corset is purchased because I spent too much time concentrating on Navy Dawn and not enough time on my own outfit, so the last-minute compromise was my corset didn't get made and I purchased one at-con.
Sometimes, though, you've got to let go.  That can be hard, but there can always be a next time for a costume.  It may not be an "optimal" time, or with a group, but there will be other cons and other photoshoots and other events.  The only time I don't think you can count on a "next time" is a wedding.  Kill yourself for those ;)

Laura's wedding dress.  Killed myself for this one because an ice storm meant I flew in days later than I should have for a final fitting and hemming.

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