Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Progress Update: September 24th

So much work on my bustle dress!  I'm getting really excited for my Bustle class!

Here's my chemise and drawers.  These are from the TV pattern:

I've also got my corset almost done:

All it needs are grommets, but when I finished the hand binding at 11:00 last night I didn't think that was the time for pounding grommets :D

The corset is sitting on top of my bustle petticoat, which is in progress.  I've got all the pieces cut out and I sewed together the big ruffle and did the tucks on it.  I think next time I'll try to make them closer together (these are 1/2" tucks set 1" apart) but otherwise I love it.  I'm going shopping today for an eyelet lace for the bottom dust ruffle.

Finally, I got the fabric for my bustle dress!  It's so lovely.  Here it is along with the buttons I got from Abraham's Lady:

I love how creamy the faille ended up.  I also love the buttons, although they're smaller and I may need to get another dozen to have enough (I'll wait and see though).  I'm trying to get some silk ribbon to go along as trim, but I haven't decided what color will look good yet.  I'd really like something that would match.  My bustle classmates are leaning towards a sage green.  Dunno.

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