Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Progress Update: September 17th

So I signed up for this Bustle Class:

My sewing the last week has been in preparation for it! I'm really excited about the opportunity to create a dress in concert with other dresses, it's so motivating!

I decided to make a new set of underwear for this dress, since I'm not 100% happy with my 1860's underwear and I wanted another shot to get it right.

I couldn't find my incomplete Dore corset, so I cut a Silverado:

It's waiting on a shipment of boning, then I'll bind it and add in the grommets and it will be done!

I also completed a Grand Bustle from TV 108 pattern:

As those of you on my facebook know I had a real panic with it on Friday: it was sitting at an almost 45 degree angle when I put it on, definately not right!  I talked to Heather of Truly Victorian on her forum about it, and she sent me a corrected waistband piece that took care of most of the problem, and I added in a 4" piece to the back stay which corrected the rest.  Whew!  Panic over!

To allay some of my nerves while I was waiting for a solution to the bustle problem I drew out my hopeful bustle dress idea for the dress I'll make during the class:

I'm making the dress out of this golden tan silk faille from Denver Fabrics, with a trim of this rusty brown taffeta from renaissance fabrics:

I still need to find buttons!  What do you think, gold or silver?  Or something else?

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