Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video Update

I'm still working on tracking down pictures for the rest of my WorldCon/DragonCon costumes, so instead of those updates here's some fun clothing news:

40's Era Dress up for auction reveals a great history: it was made of a Nazi flag stolen for a Danish spy woman by her American soldier suitor. The story of the woman, and the dress, is amazing.

Snopes talks about the origins of sagging pants and what they mean culturally.

FIDM has a "20 years of acquisitions" exhibit up. If you can't go there's a catalog available on their website.

CanineHybrid on LiveJournal posted a video of the fursuiting panel from NanDesuKan. It's very interesting and informative!

And, speaking of panels, here's part 4 of my 5 part dyeing panel from DragonCon:

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  1. I just watched the whole dying panel - thanks so much for posting! I didn't make it to panels because my costumes were even more not done than usual, so this was great great great!

    I'm still in for CC - so if you don't want me to wear the red monster, I might be into making a different art based costume for the LGW group :)