Friday, September 27, 2013

Plus-Sized Costuming

Me, breaking all the rules I'm about to tell you.

As I've costumed over the last 15 years I've gradually grown into a size 22.  Along the way I've learned some tips for plus-sized costuming.  Since I'm working on my plus-sized costuming panel, I thought I'd give you all a preview by giving you my talking points.

  • Shapewear is for everyone
  • Angles are more flattering than curves
  • The higher the neckline the larger breasts look
  • The wider the neckline the broader shoulders look
  • Never cut off anything at a joint, always go somewhere in between the largest and smallest points
  • Under layers should be darker than over layers
  • Shoulder fit is key!  Use padding if necessary!
  • The longer something is the more fitted it should be
  • The tilt of a hat should match the jaw line
  • Monochrome is slimming
  • Things should be longer than they are wide
  • Wider stripes make body parts look wider, but too small (pinstripes) emphasizes bulges
  • Pay attention to grouping and isolate your best feature

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