Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Progress Update: February 25th

Got a lot done this week, but have little to show for it.  In addition to my Sew Fortnightly I did this:

It's the sleeve for the Naka-Kon kimonos.  I did 8 of them.  This involved sewing on the gold applique, clipping and turning, satin stitching down the raw edge, and then painting the edge past the satin stitching to cover up any fly-aways.  This is the hard part, thank goodness they're done!

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  1. I just happened to discover your blog. So excited to have landed here! This is wonderful! You are amazing! Excuse me while I scroll around and catch up and drool over these jaw dropping sewing projects!

    PS. I am using the same gold fabric for children's costumes. It is itchy! Lining every bit of it with pieces cut from old Tshirts. It's so pretty though, just had to use it!