Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Progress Update: October 22

Lately my time has been filled with books, books, and more books.  The Cybils cycle has begun, and, since I have made a target of reading 125 books and only have 35 right now I'm reading like a maniac!  Reading was put on hold this weekend, though, to do Halloween costumes for Thing 1, Thing 2, and Monkey.

First off, I did get a little work done on my bustle dress underskirt.  All the ruching is done (and wow did that take a lot more time than I thought it would!) and put on the dress and it's all sewn up.  It still needs a placket, a hem, a waistband, and ruffles at the bottom.

Thing 1 wants to be Rapunzel, so her dress got sewn up.  I sewed the sleeves today, so all it needs is a zipper and a hem (which grandma will have to do).

Thing 2 wants to be a ninja (because, as he told mommy, a pirate is for everyday).  Here's his black karate gi and pants, and his cute ninja hood (which will probably be a bit big on him, but the darn pattern only had one size).

Monkey wants to be Bob the Builder.  I couldn't find any red and gold checked fabric, so I took a red gingham and dyed it yellow.  I think it'll work well enough.  I've got to get a shirt made out of this tonight so I can get it mailed off tomorrow.  Yikes!

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