Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Progress Update: June 11

Haul of the week:

I got some cheap silk taffeta ($6/yd!) online for a few different projects.  Also got some JP Ryan patterns to work with, and in the background is the white lace for future-sister-in-law's wedding dress.  Not shown: I also picked up some basics, muslins for patterning and petticoats, satin for flower girl dresses and muslining fsil's dress, and a silky for a dress for me.  I also have some Folkwear and Truly Victorian patterns on the way so I can do some projects.  Here's a list of stuff I have on my mind.  Hopefully I'll accomplish some of it sometime in the next few months:

Lake Dress
Regency Short Stays
Regency Chemise
Taffeta Half-Dress
Pocket Hoops
Pink Polonaise
Wedding Dress
2 Flower Girl Dresses
Civil War Work Dress
Civil War Round Hoop
Civil War Petticoat
2 Civil War Chemises
2 Plain Civil War Bloomers
20's Tea Dress
20's Linen Dress
20's Cocoon Coat
1940's Corset
Corded Petticoat
Flounced Petticoat


  1. Gah I can't wait to get a regular paycheck again! Where was it on sale?


      Pages 6 and 7 have them, they're $7/yd now, but that's still a steal.