Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday Progress Update: May 28

A day late and a dollar short!  I've been at Anime North this weekend, so your weekly update comes a bit late.  It does, however, come with documentation for my Historical Cinderella that won "Most Historical" at the con this weekend, as well as documentation for my Chevalier D'Eon and Reinette dresses.  I hope to upload a bit more as the weeks go on, I think it's really helpful to have documentation available to look at when you're just starting to make your own style.  I make my documentation in Comic Life with a liberal dose of help from Irfanview.

Also, got these pictures of my Looking Glass Wars costume group from my mom:

And here's a little bit of photo evidence of Thing 1 wearing Alvis:

More after Dress U this week!

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