Monday, May 21, 2012

Costume Con Recap

I've been silent on here for the last two weeks, and Costume Con 30 is the reason.  It was a great con, and I had an awesome time!  Here's some pics:

Our georgian butterflies!  This entry was Maral's brainchild for the Historical.  It's been years in the making, and I'm so glad we finally got to perform it.  We ended up winning Best in Show Historical Interpretation, Best in Show Presentation, and Master Division: Best Documentation Interpretation.  I think we were all floored that we got something after working so long on it!  I know I was a n00b and didn't put my mask on right for the stage presentation, but ah well.  I'm hoping to figure out some way to put my documentation on here in .pdf so you can see it.

This was my super-secret last minute costume.  I ended up with too much time on my hands (I was "fixing" things on my other costumes, to the point where I was messing things up more than helping) so I made myself a folio costume for the ffshow.  I love how colorful it is, and it got many compliments!  Looking at the pictures now, though, I really need to do something about my hatband :-P

Thing 1's adorable flower dress!  I love this costume so much!  She refused to wear the gloves, though.

Historical Cinderella!  I was the most excited about this dress.  All that research into historical time periods really got my historical juices flowing.  I was a bit upset when Thing 1 decided she needed to 'style' my wig, leaving it a bit frizzy, but that was nothing compared to what the costume went through next:

Some moron decided that a nice ambiance at the Friday Social would be to put oil candles under the buffet.  There were 10-20 of them on the floor underneath the 4'-ish high buffet table.  I was chasing Thing 1 at the time, so I didn't notice when I turned around that my skirt was on top of said floor-candles.  I got two nice silver-dollar sized holes in the train of my skirt for my troubles.  I'm trying to figure out how to repair them right now.  It's just on the train, so I could just move the bottom ribbon up 6" and that would take care of it.  It would eat up my pretty train, though, so I'm hesitant to do that.  I have lots of the stripey over fabric left, so I think I'm going to recut the two center back panels (the ones where the holes are) and patch the underneath fabric with scraps of taffeta (I seriously have none of it left, probably just enough to patch the quarter-sized holes on each side).  That'll take a whole lot more time, I'll have to take the whole skirt apart, but it'll let me retain the train and probably make me happier in the long run.  Since I really should move the center front up about 2" so the hem hangs right this is probably the best choice anyway.  Hopefully I finish this and have time to do documentation so I can wear this in the masquerade at AnimeNorth this weekend.

Another random costume picture: me and Jennifer as Circei and Melisandre from Game of Thrones.  The courtyard at the hotel in Tempe was gorgeous, I wish I had put on makeup!  Can you tell this is a monday picture?

There were some other costumes over the weekend (my F/SF dress and Merida), but I haven't gotten pictures of those yet.

 Wednesday after the con I went to the Grand Canyon with my godparents and my mom.  It was so amazing, I had to show off this picture.

 Next, my fabric haul!  Went to SaS fabrics twice (there are apparently three different ones) plus a great bead store.  Ended up getting stuff for a few new projects:

A gorgeous rayon/cotton georgette in lilac, plus a cute braided purple trim and some lilac pearls.  I'm going to make a sheer 1860's dress from Truly Victorian 447, the 1863 Sheer Dress, that I got from AlterYears.

$5 a yard silk taffeta and red pearls.  I dunno what these are for, but I couldn't pass them up at the price!

Peach rayon moire, peach fringe, peach pearls, peach swarovski beads, and silver swarovski beads.  After going to the Phoenix Art Museum I was inspired to try and recreate a gorgeous green dress they had in their seaside display.  I didn't find green, but I did find this lovely peach that is just perfect.

Purple net lace.  This gorgeous net lace was just calling for me to get on the 1912 bandwagon, so I picked up enough for a dress.

Patterns!  From the top: TV 241 1854 Flounced Skirt, TV 244 1859 Double Skirt, TV 440 1859 Pagoda Bodice, TV 441 1861 Garibaldi Blouse, TV 443 1861 Dress Bodice, TV 444 1864 Spanish Jackets, TV 456 1856 Gathered Dress.  I am definitely on an 1850-60's kick.  Most of these were bought with the $4/yd wool purchase from in mind (I'll show those off when I get them, hopefully tomorrow!)

So, other than my Cinderella dress fix, what's on my dress dummy right now?

Yay regency!  I was trying to finish this for CC but I didn't have time to do hand eyelets in the back.  Fortunately I came home and looked at Janet Arnold, where I saw an extant dress that buttoned in the center back (I got really excited and said "it can button!" so much my husband was saying it by the end of the night!).  I think I"m going to shorten the back, though.  In this pic it's shortened about an inch and a half, and it still seems very long waisted for empire fashion.  After that and buttons it just needs a hem.

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