Thursday, August 11, 2011


What better way to christen a new blog than with a giveaway? Since it's currently one of my favorite sources of eye candy, I've decided to give away a copy of High Style: Masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Jan Reeder. It's chock full of inspiring costumes from centuries past to inspire your recreation or your design!


So, how will this work? It's easy. Once my journal has 50 google followers I will randomly choose one of the public members to get the book.

Here's some contest FAQs:

How do I enter?

Click Here!

You need a Google account. That can be a gmail, google+ account, blogger account, or any general google account (google links them all together, google knows your business). Log in to your account and then use the link above or go to the Left Bar under the link buttons and click the button under the header "Followers". It may say "Join this Site" or "Follow Me" depending on whether you're logged in or not. Choose "Follow Publicly" on the next page. That's it!

When will the contest end?
When I have 50 google followers.

When will that be?
Who knows! It depends on how fast people friend my blog!

Can I earn extra entries?
No. The only way to enter is to friend the blog.

What if I subscribe to your feed or your email list?
That's cool if you want to keep up with things, but it won't enter you in the contest, so be sure to friend the journal as well.

Can I get a bonus for tweeting/blogging/telling people about your giveaway?
Not tangibly. But you can make it end faster. I won't give the book away until I get 50 followers, so tweeting/blogging/telling people will make that happen faster!

What happens when the contest ends?
I'll put all the followers into a list and choose one at random (probably with my handy Mach-Die program on my iPhone). Then I will post that member's handle on the journal and give them a week to contact me back to get their address to mail the book. I reserve the right to choose another winner if the first does not contact me in the given time frame.


  1. Ha!! #1!

    also kinda hard to "follow you"...

    What I did was go to my blogger Dashboard, scroll to my reading list, at the bottom clicked the blue "Add" button, copy/pasted your url in the box...

    but yay! I did it! :)

  2. Hmm, that's interesting. Now I have a button that says "Join this Site!". Maybe I've mucked it up somehow, I'll look into it.

  3. It's interesting that there are two different categories; followers and members. Apparently I did something right 'cause I'm on both. Who knows...

  4. Blogger has been having hissy fits for a month or more now. I had to go in and change my password, that I KNOW was correct, because of a hiccup.

  5. Rowan - I think you're a follower because we're in "following" circles on Google+. I told you the google services were incestuous :P

    Sarah - that's annoying, I'm sorry :(