Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Progress Update: March 3rd

 This is my Mother-in-Law's sheer 1860's dress.  I made it for her birthday.  Here's a bit more info than I gave you last week:

I was inspired by sheer dresses of the era.  I used an acetate sheer.  I had little problems with this as she has no plans of tending a campfire or traipsing around a field in it.  The lining is kona cotton piped with yarn piping.  I used Truly Victorian's 1863 Sheer Dress pattern on it, and it went together beautifully.

I didn't get pictures, but I also made undergarments.  I made a hoop using Truly Victorian's 1858 Round Hoop pattern:

And a corset, chemise, and bloomers using Simplicity 9769:

It's hard to see, but the edges are trimmed in a purple loop trim.  I want to give it a little more of something.  Maybe ruffles?  What do you think, how can I jazz it up a bit?

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