Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More 1920's Inspirations and Resources

Yet again more 20's stuff I'm collecting for the Kansas City WorldCon bid. There's some great stuff out right now:

The Great Gatsby Movie by Baz Luhrmann (costumes by Catherine Martin, she of the Moulin Rouge Oscar) has released the first set pics. Looks luxe and wonderful! Due out about this time next year.

Gucci's 2012 Spring Collection has a lot of 20's in it too. That cocktail dress is not only a 20's cut, but has art deco beading covering it. Yum!

This dress for Temperley London's 2012 pre-fall (read: summer) collection looks very twenties in cut as well, and also has the geometric sequin patterns.

Fashionizing has noticed the trend as well, and has a much more complete look at 2012 collections that have 1920's looks.

Finally, a good makeup tutorial:

How to Be a Girl, with Jane Marie: Flapper Style from Rookie on Vimeo.

I'm also keeping a 1920's fashion pinboard on Pinterest if you're looking for inspiration from the real thing.

Next up: 20's hats for guys.

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