Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cool Links I Found This Week

The Vintage Fashion Guild Forums have reopened

How to make Steampunk Goggles at Instructables

How to sew Slotted Seams at Adventures of a Costumer

Anime "Whooshy" Swords tutorial at Triene's Cosplay Blog

Greg Aronowitz talks about how he made Felicia Day's Dragon Age miniseries costume

Casting About has wonderful casting tutorials and FAQs

Komickrazi on LiveJournal shows how he made his fursuit head

Another post on the LJ fursuiter community has great ideas for putting soles on things

Here's a cheap (comparatively) place for military braid


  1. Why on earth is Google Reader telling me this post was from your book blog? Either it's losing it, or I am, both being entirely possible.

  2. You're not crazy, the LJ feed is like that too. Gotta figure out how to fix it . . . I think it's a feedburner flub.